Wee Possibilities

"When I found out my cousin was having her first baby, I knew I wanted to gift her something unique and personal. Angela hand embroidered a custom message on the quilt and when the big day came, my cousin bawled her eyes out - we all did! Two years later and I'm still getting photos. Since then, I've ordered 3 more. These blankets will stay in our family for generations to come."  ~Kristie

"We have washed our son’s quilt MANY times and not one tear or rip. It has held up extremely well given the life of a baby and toddler. We all keep our special baby blankets, and we’ll be able to pass it down to his children at some point." ~Rebecca

“Who would have thought a piece of art could double as our toddler's favorite blanket? As a baby it was soft enough to let her roll around on and now as a toddler, she likes to point and proclaim, "trees!" This quilt captures the spirit of our home and channels our daughter’s personality. We love it, and she loves it even more. It's with her for life.” ~Jenni


Hand sewn in the USA