Wee Possibilities







Hi, I’m Angela and I’m the Story Stitcher behind Wee Possibilities! I create usable art for children in the form of heirloom quilts. There is an inherent comfort and security that comes with a handmade quilt. The fabrics, the time, the care, and the stories stitched into a handmade quilt are an expression of warmth and connection. I believe every child should snuggle in a handmade quilt that helps them feel connected to someone who cares about them.


I live on the Northern California coast. All quilts are made in my home studio in the woods. My creativity flows freely here, and it's common for quilt ideas to wake me in the middle of night. Getting imaginative with textiles and design makes the world come alive with possibility. When I step into that possibility I am free. I feel inspired to create something that hasn’t yet existed. This is the hope children represent: They are all things yet to be.

Of course, there’s way more to the story. If you’re interested you can read more, here.

XOXO, Angela